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The e-payments business is exploding!

Traditional payment channels are converging in ways we never imagined just five years ago.

Retail payments are using mobile acceptance devices and online orders are being placed on mobile devices at alarming levels.

Payment companies are inventing new business models that donít fit into traditional molds.

New technologies are creating new opportunities on a daily basis.

aex is a specialist consultancy to help payments companies start, grow and change.

We help payments companies succeed.
It's that simple.

achieve e-payment excellence and international expansion

We assess impacts and options to meet market needs and requirements, with expertise in the following areas:
  • Bankcard Acquiring
  • International Acquiring Expansion
  • Payment Acceptance by Merchants
  • Strategy Development and Review
  • Becoming a new Acquirer or Processor
  • Understanding the card schemes
  • Card Scheme Rules and Regulations
  • Payment Services Directive
  • eCommerce Payment Processing
  • Interchange Management
  • New Product Development

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